Mark Masters Comedy Podcast and web series

The Mark Masters podcast and web series debuted Season 1 on Thanksgiving day 2019. New episodes come out every Monday as a podcast, and 1-2 days before on YouTube, until there are no more left. Season 1 consists of ten to twenty episodes mostly of Mark driving comedians to far away venues and talking about comedy, comedians and comics, as well as anything else that comes up. Because the episodes are long there is plenty of time to get comfortable. Listeners and viewers will learn about the Denver comedy scene, how to get started in comedy, and how to develop as a comedian.

The production is sponsored by Mark's book Not Good Yet which explores his comedy journey as a beginning comic. Great for anyone exploring a dream.

Enjoy episodes with Nic Dean, Eeland Stribling, Sarah Benson, and other comics including surprise Comedy Works headliners!


Season 1 Episodes

Trailer (Season 1 Playlist)

Nic Dean

Sarah Benson

Eeland Stribling

Patrick Scott

Phil Corridor

Melissa Douty

Sammy Anzer

Harrison Garcia

Jeff Koen

Eric Shee

Nate Brown

Scott Schnurr

Jake Hovis

Jacob Rupp

Hannah Jones

Jacob Jonas

Alan Bromwell

Pat Treuer

Brent Gill (Comedy Works Headliner, 3rd to last episode)

Brandt Tobler (Comedy Works Headliner, 2nd to last episode)

John Novosad (Comedy Works Headliner, last episode)